About Us

Probably the best location in town: Bloor&Yonge!

When selecting a partner for your marketing research you want a company with experience and resources to do the job right, the first time. It must also be a company with a reputation for delivering what it promises. CONSUMER VISION has been the industry trend setter since its inception in 1980, and has become a well-established player throughout North America.

At CONSUMER VISION, we believe each study to be a partnership. Our goal is to partner with our clients and to build long-term relationships. This philosophy allows us to work closely with each client while offering personalized service, attention to detail, timely delivery, and reliable data collection.

Our qualified team of professionals manages small to large scale projects from coast-to-coast and around the globe, with the same professionalism & passion. We connect with a wide range of targets including PHYSICIANS AND HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS, Patients, B2B, IT and CONSUMERS including childrenand TEENS.

Recruitment of Respondents

The core of our success remains the superb quality of our in-house recruiting services. Our central, on-site contact center, Data Factor-e, recruits more than 10,000 participants annually in Toronto alone, but our reach extends right across the country.

To meet high volume and rush needs, we maintain a specialized database containing demographic and past participation data on more than 75,000 physicians, executives, and consumers. All participants are screened through the MRIA Qualitative Central Files system to ensure compliance with the industry’s prior participation standards.

Our recruiting expertise extends far beyond focus groups and in-depth interviews in the consumer, medical, professional, and business-to-business markets. We are also experienced at recruiting and scheduling off-site interviews by phone, online, in home or office, and at various external sites, from television commercial sessions through automotive clinics and Online Communities. We provide the best participants for broadcast research and movie test audiences, and can even arrange scheduling of appointments in your offices. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and willingness to meet and exceed every client requirement, no matter how challenging.


CONSUMER VISION has provided premier focus group facilities in Toronto since 1980 and is now available in Montréal, Calgary & Edmonton. From large groups to individual interviews, CONSUMER VISION has been designed with the client’s needs in mind.

We offer many Different room sizes and set-ups:

  • Two boardrooms can be joined into 1 large space able to accommodate up to 80 respondents in a theatre-style setup.
  • One intimate room specifically designed to provide a comfortable and professional setting for one-on-one or paired interviews.
  • One room with the most advanced technology in the Qualitative industry (Smartboard) that allows you to save time, money … and go further in moderating techniques
  • One newly renovated room that provides a more creative environment with polished concrete floors and engaging wall colors
  • Generous dimensions, high ceilings, modular tables for subdividing or workshop breakouts, and all the amenities and supplies that you could need, give Consumer Vision its deserved reputation.

All of our rooms are equipped with 42" flat screen monitors and digital audio and video recording. We offer Focus Vision video streaming and our own CV Streaming for live remote viewing of focus groups as well as on site technical support for all of your projects.